Abraham Ades-November 10th

November 10, 2014

    I’m happy to introduce our new series of music-pertinent articles on our blog,ABDO BLABDO, written by Abraham Ades a/k/a Abo the Blogster. We would appreciate any comments, suggestions etc. Read below.




   Welcome everyone to the first of many articles and blogs written here at thehomestudiomusiclessons.com. With that said, if you are thinking that today we are talking about music than you guessed correctly!! There will be talk about so many different aspects of music, you will learn a lot. Do you know that Wood Allen plays the clarinet and tours with a jazz band? What about Condoleezza Rice studying to play the piano in concert? Neither did I before reading this article by Joanne Lipman, “Is the Music the Key to Success?”

Music has opened up many different gateways for “creative thinking”(Lipman 1). Personally, I have seen how music can just stimulate people in so many different ways. Whether you play or listen to it, music can help people focus, think, or simply being distracted from daily tasks. In college, I had to take a music therapy class for the Family Services major. There were a couple of experiments in the class that really broadened my horizons.

In order to pass the class, the professor required everyone to do an observation in which music can help someone. Thankfully I knew someone in the class who was an actual music therapy major and played for an old age home once a week. He brought out his guitar and started playing for everyone in that room. To see the way people reacting to the music was just fantastic. Music can help just make someone forget your troubles even for a few minutes.

Lippman states “…higher achievers say music has sharpened: collaboration, creativity discipline, and the capacity to reconcile conflicting ideas”(Lippman 4).  That could not be said  any better. I do not take after my father, who for hours in a week, plays piano and guitar so brilliantly. There is one thing I do take from him(my mother too) and that’s my love for music. When I’m at work, there are times a few songs come on the radio and it just helps me to focus better.  Music helps me focus and think better.

Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder, says music “reinforces your confidence in the ability to create.” The music was “an emotional analog” for him. After a hard day’s work, he would pick up his guitar and start playing it. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Saying to yourself to forget about the rest of your day for a couple of hours and tuning into your music? After being in school from 8-5 everyday, I enjoyed coming home to play the trumpet(my sister didn’t enjoy it). It helped me just forget a horrible day I may have had at school.

Never forget that music, whether playing it or listening to it, can help and inspire you to be successful in your life. It can also help you, temporarily; forget about your problems that you had a work or home. It can also define you as a person. For example, if your interest is in jazz music, you may be associated with be very relaxed with what you do. Bob Marley once said “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” With that, people should know that music is only there for to help you, not hurt you.