Become A Better Player

January 27, 2014
Hi everyone!
Abdo here.
Did anyone watch the Grammy’s last night? I stayed up late to see my favorites- Paul, Ringo, Stevie Wonder & Carole King. It’s nice to see all these great players doing their great songs. What we don’t see is all the work they go through to get to where they are. The hundreds and thousands of practice hours. The years of hard work they go through. THEY ARE NOT ANY DIFFERENT THAN YOU OR I!! What separates them from the rest if their willingness to work on the craft that they love – music. You can be the same way also. We might night become famous, but we will certainly improve on a steady basis by REGULAR PRACTICE. So don’t delay – pick a time of the day, and do it every day for 1 hour.
I guarantee better players!