Abdo is a great person to get your child started in piano. He’s relaxed and fun, and children take to his kind manner. They’ll learn to read music, and also learn it’s ok to make their “own” sound, while having fun all the time He is definitely the musical best!!
Teresa M. Definitely the musical best

The Home Studio has proven to be a very effective music lesson provider for people of all ages. Having been a teacher at the studio for several years now, I have noticed the positive environment that is present when having lessons in the comfort of your own home. Having lessons at home promotes a much better student-teacher relationship and also gives parents the opportunity to be present in the lesson. I am grateful to have retained students for the last three years who continue to develop their skills. Music is something very valuable to have in your life and learning an instrument gives you the ability to express it. Whether it’s myself, or one of the other instructors, I’m sure there is a teacher that will best suit your needs.
Jared Lynch Proven

Have been a student of Abdo Ades for more than eight years, during which time he has met my music needs and surpassed them. From the beginning, I explained that I had some basic piano knowledge, but that I was beyond “The Quick Red Fox,” and did not look forward to that sort of exercise. So, Abdo began with easier pieces from the classics, and that worked like a charm. Since then, I have introduced him to opera, and we have moved to smooth jazz, and we are both content. Abdo is amazing in his musical talent and skill as a teacher and in his choice of music. I look forward to every lesson.
John L. Student for over 8 years

Hi, My daughter has been taking private drum lessons with one of abdos teachers for the last few years. Her teacher Mike is professional, always in time, very patient amd understands how children learn music. Gabrielle has progressed so much over the years and has come to really live playing the drums thanks to her teacher. Abdo has always been very accommodating and I would never take lessons at any other school !!
Doris D. Very accommodating

Thank you Abdo, You have always been there for Elliot and I cherish that deeply. You are a very special person and when Elliot gets where he is going in life (and it’s gonna be big!) he will definitely be owing you a big thank you.
Michelle J. Owe you a big thank you